Accelerate Your EVOLUTION!

.through outdoor 3D learning that builds        
  .BQ (Body Intelligence) with IQ and EQ. This...   

      •  Forms agile, connected, high-performing teams faster

      •  Shapes well-rounded leaders who can better handle
             volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous conditions

      •  Outstrips conventional methods.of accelerating . 
             individual & organizational development in the . 
             classroom, board room, auditorium, or online.


                               Head   Heart   Gut

     HOW?  Outdoor  3D  embodied  learning  does.
      it through experiential discovery-based action:.


      Stimulating physiology to heighten self-awareness, trust,
         bonding, healthy risk taking, and smart decision making

      Disrupting routines to spotlight edges, pitfalls, and
         blind spots that must be mastered for individuals, 
         teams, and organizations to succeed and evolve

      Surfacing fears and loosening mindsets that keep 
          people stuck, so they move forward and achieve by  
          cultivating their best selves and their best relationships . 


      Revealing what "leaning in" to a challenge with full . 
         trust and commitment actually feels like in the body . 
         which rounds out Cognitive and Emotional Intel (IQ and EQ).


•  Priming team mates to give and receive candid feedback.
     that really matters to person, group and enterprise .  

•  Opening new resources, capacities and capabilities for . 
     innovation as well as stability, people as well as tasks . 

•  Installing vivid, visceral metaphors that directly 
     translate back at the office — helping participants 
     to maneuver through critical strategies long after 
     their outdoor 3D embodied experience ends. 


Outdoor somatic experience     

activates the entire sensory-motor     

nervous system — for whole-brain,    

whole-person learning  that brings     

21C thought leadership to 3D life.    

It  turns  vanguard  wisdom  like     

"lean in"  and  "power posing"     

into something functional and     

real by making it literal,    

physical and  felt.    


. . . All supported by interpersonal neurobiology, 
emerging brain science, and behavioral psychology  


   Accelerate  your
               growth  now.

All outdoor photos this page courtesy of 
Triangle Training, Inc.