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              grounded  in  empirical  evidence

      .    from  emerging  neuroscience


  inspired  by  our  longing  for  connection,

                               expression,  exploration  and  growth 


           I  use  info  and  insights  from  science,  technology  and  medicine  to  help  people  evolve. 
           And  to grow  as  leaders,  partners,  creators,  and  change  agents.  It all unfolds  inside the
           PERSONAL  CHANGE  R&D  LABORATORIES  we build to clearly view themselves, their systems .
           and their relationships.  Where mind engages  with body,  from head to heart  to gut to toe,  
           via  the  nervous  system  that  links  it  all.     

           I meet clients where they are,  as they are,  with curiosity and compassion.  From there, our  .
           work together opens breakthroughs in awareness, creativity, understanding, emotional reg-
           ulation,  executive function,  self-authorship,  authenticity  and purpose.  As outward action
 lines up  with  all  of this,  new  linkages form,  gaps are spanned  and needs  get nourished.
           Enabled  intention  shapes  clients'  initiatives  and  moves  them  to  fulfillment. .



We  gather  in the  unified field  where  all  differentiation plays  and  plays out.   
Flexibly blending  form with flow,  my general  approach stems  from these  basic premises: 

That  belief structures  under-gird  our  thoughts,  emotions,  perceptions,  behaviors,  rela-  
tionships  and  life  patterns;  that  mindsets  and  beliefs  are  created  and  chosen  ( often  
unconsciously),  and  can  be  dissolved  and  released;  that  every perception  is both  true  
and  partial;  that  inquiring into  our beliefs  and judgments  opens us to  transformational  
learning which  can drive  lasting change  in  our entire  experience of life;  that  our  bodies  
function  as  barometer,  ballast  and  bridge  in  all  of  this — and  that  humor  is  vital!  

Another basic premise  I operate from  is that  each of us  is multi-axial. These various axes 
may  develop  at  differing rates,  to differing levels,  and they  do so  within interior  as  well 
as  exterior  dimensions  of  life.   So  not  only  are  different  individuals  at  different  stages 
of  development  from  each  other  at  any  given  time — each individual  also  experiences  
different  developmental  stages  simultaneously.   

From  these  core assumptions  I  help clients  see things  as  they  are,  envision  how  they  

would  like  it  all to be,  then  take efficient action  to re-construct  both  internal  meaning 
and  external circumstances  toward greater personal fulfillment.  We distinguish between    
technical  change  and  the  underlying  adaptive  change  that must  sometimes precede it.   
The overall approach is  
whole-person,  learner-centered  and  tailored to each individual's 
preferences,  aptitudes  and  needs.



     Emerging brain science, esp. 
epigenetics and neurosomatics
                                                              the great Wisdom traditions
                                                                                     Integral Theory


My fundamental method of coaching and facilitation is technical eclecticism — drawing on  
diverse  applications  of  various  theories and  perspectives,  in  order to  find  what  works  
best  for  each individual,  group  and  situation.  Clients  collaborate  with me  in identifying
appropriate benchmarks  and measures  of their progress and ROI,  and in determining our 
actual  way  through. I  toggle  responsively  between  supporting  and  challenging  clients,
as  guided  by  their  own  unique  best  interests.   

A standard practice  amidst all  this variety  is testing,  absorbing and operational-   
izing  our  developmental  notions  by  embodying  them.  This  is  the  rationale:    

We humans  tend to live  so much  in our heads,  yet the old proverb  warns that
knowledge  is  only  a  rumor  until  it  lives  in  the  muscle.  In  fact,  our  bodies  
react to  whatever we're facing in life.  The more we can  detect and understand  
our  embodied  reaction  in  any  situation,  the  more  information  we  have  to  
work with.  This physical data augments and stands apart from the often louder  
emotional information  we  notice, like  our  viewpoints,  beliefs  and  values.   
One noted neuropsychiatrist even teaches that body organization is the founda-  
tion of higher brain organization. 1 Our bodies also keep the score, according to  
another leading neuroscientist. 2  And one Buddhist scholar  describes the body  
as our organ  of ego-less wisdom  (non-conceptual  knowing). 3   

By intentionally engaging these physical and mental resources, we  decode  
de-condition  a client's system,  then  re-code,  re-condition  and (re-) integrate     
it  for  well-being.
Ron Minson, M.D.            2 Bessel van der Kolk, M.D.            3 Reginald A. Ray, Ph.D.


Within  a  fluid  results-driven  framework,  we  examine  the  evidence  and  investigate the 
possibilities  of  What  if . . . ?   and  Why  not ?  We give  attention  to sensation  as  well  as  
observation,  and link  subjective experience with  objective data. Together we  explore the
content and language  of a client's  stories  while noticing  physical indicators  like spatial
location,  posture,  movement,  pacing,  breathing,  voice,  and  eye  focus.  Information  is
collected; patterns, outliers, and anomalies are logged.  All along the way, I support clients 
in staying accountable to themselves and in adopting / adapting to the changes that arise



Dialectic-Developmental Thinking   Laske et al  
Conversational Intelligence® (CIQ)   Glaser  

Systemic Constellations   Hellinger et al  
Positive Psychology   Fredrickson et al 
Relationship Systems   Fridjhon et al  
Interpersonal Neurobiology   Siegel  
Immunity to Change   Kegan et al  
Philosophy of Belonging   Fowler  
Embodied  Leadership   Strozzi  
Vulnerability & Shame   Brown  
Personal  Authority   Hollis    

Sedona Method   Dwoskin  
Power Posing   Cuddy  
Tiltology   Boney  

From these various systems, I adopt specific techniques and tools that engage mind, body  .
and  senses  in  scanning  for  discovery.  Our purpose is  to unlock  emotions  and insights 

that are trapped below habitual scripts; uncover hidden conflicts, connections and commit- 
ments; and (re-)compose personal  narratives.  Various multi-modal practices, devices and 
"inner-apps"  can be used  to  shift  energy  patterns  toward greater  self-awareness,  self-
mastery,  self-transformation  and  joy.  Depending  on  the  client,  these  can  include ...  

     SUD Scale .                                                    
Sonification .                                                     
Dashboards .                                                     
Brainspotting .                                                    
Shadow  Work .                                                    

Active Dreaming.                                                     
Mindset Mapping .                                                     
Attention Training.                                                     
Neural (re-)routin.                                                    
Reflection exercises .                                                     
Guided  Visualization.                                                     
Modified martial art drills.
Physical movement with props.                                                    
Storytelling with images and objects.                                                    
Self- and / or multi-rater assessments.                                                     
Emotional  Freedom  Technique  ( EFT® ).                                                    
Post-assessment reports, apps and road map .
"Model  'til  you  morph" ©  experimentation  is  encouraged.  Another  standard  feature   
of my method is  providing one-on-one and group coaching clients  with a  private online 
portal through which we exchange written communication and other resources pertinent   
to our coaching endeavor.  I constantly survey the landscape for best practices, adjusting
my  own  in  response  to  what  produces  desired  results  in  healthy  effective  ways.

FOR SMALL GROUPS, I facilitate action learning for team-leader development. . 
This  may  take  the  form  of  a  customized  outdoor  challengediscovery  course,  
which  can be separately contracted  to take place  at  
Triangle  Training  Center —  
a 30-acre  park-like setting  with modern classroom / office facilities and amenities,  
located in Pittsboro, NC. It's ideal for accelerated 3D (Head–Heart–Gut) evolution.  

  I  custom  design  and  deliver  various  activities  
for  myriad  objectives.  On  largescale,  complex  majorchange  initiatives,  
I may partner with highly qualified organizational development consultants.  

In  support  of  all  this,  I  passionately pursue  my own  continuing education  via  
cuttingedge training and coaching,  to grow  as both  a  one-on-one  coach  and  
as  an  organizational  facilitator.   My  recurring  go-to  sources  for this  include ...  

Sounds True  
Coaches Rising  

Tilt 365 / Tilt, Inc.  
Predictable Success  
The Coaches Console®    

Samurai  Coaching  Dojo  
Cisco Empowered Women's Network  

Integral Facilitator® and Ten Directions    
World Business and Executive Coach Summit  

Triangle Organizational Development Network  
International Association of Teamwork Facilitators  

Transformational Coaching Method™ / Health Coach Institute, LLC . 
National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine  

I am certified in administering / debriefing  True Tilt Profile  Self-Assessments,  
as a benchmark and prep for systemic 360 team feedback ( via, e.g.,  Tilt 365 ). . 

rsonal referrals can also be made  for clients to obtain  other quantitative or . 
qualitative  diagnostic  assessments  from certified professionals  (e.g., FIRO-B,  
MBTI, Lominger, HBDI, DiSC, SDI, TKI, WorkPlace Big 5, Leadership Circle Profile  
and other 360 performance evaluations for individuals;  for  teams:  
Surveys, Leadership Culture Survey, and Predictable Success LifeCycle).  

Together we collaborate in choosing and using the tools and techniques that   

work best  for YOU.  Apply them  with committed effort,  and you get results.  


I expect this entire approach to evolve as my own development unfolds.  


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