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    The TOP PITFALLS people face when confronted by the unknown …
        and how you can AVOID them.

    A NEW PERSPECTIVE on RISK to help you embrace it with optimism
        and hope, instead of fear and dread.

    The #1 DIFFERENCE between those who accomplish their dreams
        and those who live with regret.

    How to INSTANTLY SHIFT your perspective, TIME AFTER TIME,
        to take more empowering chances
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    Find the courage to  take new risks  and  reap greater rewards

    Examine the concept of risk and break it into specific, manageable steps

    Look at risk from  different perspectives

    Explore how the rewards for taking chances can outweigh the costs

    Start your project, finish your research, advance your career, receive great  
        compensation,  foster healthy relationships,  create work-life balance  or  
        build high-performing teams. And have more of what matters MOST to you. 

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"Between the stimulus and

  the response there is a space.



  In that space is our power to choose our response.

  In our response lies our growth and our freedom."

Victor E. Frankel, Austrian neurologist, psychiatrist, Holocaust survivor



Life is all about making choices.

.Life is all about CHOICES
As a Scientist, Engineer, Techno, or Medic, 
you're used to experimenting.

You get a novel idea you want to try, a device you want to build, a market
hypothesis you want to test, a therapeutic model you want to investigate.
You take a calculated risk within your system  or  enterprise,  and you go
for it.  Trying out new things in the  lab,  studio, exam room or think tank  
is the essence of your profession.

Yet how comfortable are you at taking a chance on yourself ?  .
How often
do you take risks in your own life?  To get, or to  .
become, something better?

The decision to leap into a new and different way of living can be terrifying
and thrilling at the same time. Taking chances always comes with feelings
of apprehension, and can make us feel like we are in a win or lose, succeed
or fail, do or die situation. Even for seasoned scientists, dedicated doctors,
and intrepid inventors, used to external exploration at the cutting edge.

Taking intellectual chances can offer great rewards. So can emotional ones.
We can choose to take chances and create opportunities for happiness and
fulfillment that,  in the end,  far outweigh the risks.  Or we can stay safe, and 
stay the same. As with most things in life, even taking chances
requires learning
and practice. To do it well, you must understand and integrate COURAGE, RISK
(taking) and REWARDS. These are three essential 'gets' you need to SUCCEED.

Your potential is waiting for you to unleash it. START NOW!



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 "Laura graciously and effectively opens

hospitable time and space for trustworthy

give-and-take. She's ever-skillful but never

manipulative. With patient integrity, warmth

and keen appreciation of others' ideas, she

adroitly encouraged and directed me to

develop my work in new ways. She gave

me confidence to enter new venues for

presentation and networking. It's plenty

to give good advice when it's needed but

even rarer to actually inspire better work.

Laura gets my vote for promotion

from coach to Muse!"

Martin C. Fowler, PhD — author of
The Ethical Practice of Critical Thinking


"Laura was our group's mentor and coach.

She was enthusiastic, kind, energetic and

I learned a lot about team work that day,

but most importantly, Laura enabled me

to identify and improve upon an important

aspect of my life, which was resilience."

Nooresa Sutarwala — 2017 Master of
Management Studies (MMS) Candidate

at Duke Fuqua School of Business


  "I've completed a number of these corpor-

ate learning events in the past, and Laura

was one of the best facilitators I've worked

with ... [she] was able to expertly weave

individual, team and life lessons into the

event — making personal connections

 with each of us and offering a safe and

 supported environment for us all to

step out of our comfort zone."

Mike Ellerhorst — IT Infrastructure
and Security Consultant at PwC


"I would have to say that Laura saved

our STEM Leaders Roundtable last spring.

Literally, she saved it. She planned well and

did a highly professional and effective job of

facilitating. Publications have come from the

engaged and thoughtful discussions, thanks

to her use of group activities and guidance

toward achieving these end products."

Steve Warshaw, PhD — Vice Chancellor

for Academic Programs at North Carolina
School of Science and Mathematics

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