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've completed a number of these corporate learning events

in the past, and Laura was one of the best facilitators I've worked

with ... [she] was able to expertly weave individual, team and life

lessons into the event — making personal connections with each

of us and offering a safe and supported environment for us all

to step out of our comfort zone."

Mike Ellerhorst — IT Infrastructure & Security Consultant at PwC

"Thank you again so much for your help in asking me the right

questions and digging deeper and learning how to understand

the costs and benefits of taking care of myself and what I need."

Anonymous SciEnspire! SEARCHer in 2016 

 was amazed by how quickly I was able to form strong bonds

with people I had just met, through the group exercises Laura led.

One day seemed equivalent to what would have taken weeks in a

normal setting. The "PLUS-DELTA" conversations were especially

valuable for getting to know my team members on a deeper level.

Laura helped to create an environment of vulnerability, trust, honesty

and comfort that was key to the effectiveness of the activities. It has

been a joy working with my MBA team members from all over the

world, greatly enhanced by our experience with Laura."

Claire Moellering — International Relations Engineering Coordinator

"Laura is the person I go to for realistic feedback on my project

ideas. She applies her wide range of scientific and humanistic

expertise, and combines this with her ability to ask targeted questions

to help clarify and flush out proposal ideas. Laura was instrumental

in catalyzing a business proposal idea with one-on-one coaching.

As an author completing my second book, she helped me with one

of the most important aspects...The result was a clear title and a

concise description of the book's concepts and value to the reader.

Once you work with Laura, you'll want to continue using her

unique services."

James Lieberman, MBA, CIH —
Consultant at EIS, Inc., and author of 
A Practical Guide to Waste Management, Administration and Compliance

"These sessions have been really useful, helpful and good for me.

I've made tremendous progress to the kernel of 'Who Am I?' — letting

go of the fear of confinement, of putting definition around that. Laura

'listened' it out of me. Her coaching questions were great, her insights

were fantastic.  She was able to just go with me on the fly, with

what happened in the moment. 'Did I get my money's worth?' 

Hell yeh! It's like we opened a treasure box."

Executive adviser to
 healthcare leaders in the San Francisco Bay area

"Laura was a great facilitator. She quickly gained the trust of our

group which was critical given that we were all new to working together

as well. This was the first bonding exercise for my small group and

it level set our expectations and beliefs of one another. I found it to

be a powerful start to a rewarding semester. Laura was encouraging

and helpful, which made the group feel comfortable as we faced

challenges together and learned about how each group member

approaches problems. By making it a safe space, through her

energy and encouragement, Laura helped the team to open up."

Olivia Kupfer — Account Executive, Duke MBA Candidate

"I worked with Laura to help coordinate our General Motors'

 sponsorship of the national Sigma Xi meeting in Detroit ... Her

 enthusiasm not only added to our professional relationship,

 but it was also contagious and helped me to do a better job."

Kurt Godden, PhD — Former Technical Fellow, GM

"Laura's partnership with me was largely responsible for us achiev-

ing financial strength, sustainability and program advancement in

our 17,000-member statewide organization. A great team player,

fully committed to excellence in every project she took up, she

always amazed the staff, board and membership with her  

professional approach and outcomes to problem solving."

Bob Over — Former executive director of The Colorado Mountain Club


Break free from what’s holding you

  back, and get what you really want. 



 "Laura graciously and effectively opens

hospitable time and space for trustworthy

give-and-take. She's ever-skillful but never

manipulative. With patient integrity, warmth

and keen appreciation of others' ideas, she

adroitly encouraged and directed me to

develop my work in new ways. She gave

me confidence to enter new venues for

presentation and networking. It's plenty

to give good advice when it's needed but

even rarer to actually inspire better work.

Laura gets my vote for promotion

from coach to Muse!"

Martin C. Fowler, PhD — author of
The Ethical Practice of Critical Thinking


"Laura was our group's mentor and coach.

She was enthusiastic, kind, energetic and

I learned a lot about team work that day,

but most importantly, Laura enabled me

to identify and improve upon an important

aspect of my life, which was resilience."

Nooresa Sutarwala — now working as
Consultant at Deloitte & Touche LLP


  "I've completed a number of these corpor-

ate learning events in the past, and Laura

was one of the best facilitators I've worked

with ... [she] was able to expertly weave

individual, team and life lessons into the

event — making personal connections

 with each of us and offering a safe and

 supported environment for us all to

step out of our comfort zone."

Mike Ellerhorst — IT Infrastructure
and Security Consultant at PwC


"I would have to say that Laura saved

our STEM Leaders Roundtable last spring.

Literally, she saved it. She planned well and

did a highly professional and effective job of

facilitating. Publications have come from the

engaged and thoughtful discussions, thanks

to her use of group activities and guidance

toward achieving these end products."

Steve Warshaw, PhD — Vice Chancellor

for Academic Programs at North Carolina
School of Science and Mathematics

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