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How You Change, and What You Reveal 

Lately, two edgy ads are running online that evoke something beyond their face value. One is a Peloton commercial that spotlights the experience you'll have with their at-home studio cycling system. But I find more than that — take a look and listen:


A few key word changes (minein bold), grow the narrative to ...

This is your house.

This is you waking up.

This … is what you woke up for.

This ... is your coaching program.

This is Robin. Robin is your coach today.

Robin is not going to go easy on you.

This is you attacking the hill, crushing the flats,

Climbing your way through your challenges.

These are the boundaries you push together.

This ... is how you change your life.

       “This ... is how you CHANGE your life.”

This is how you make a better day

for yourself, your family, and your team

Here in your home, in your work.

This is getting coached.

A great coaching experience is all this, and much more. For your career advancement, your professional development, or for your personal growth. To innovate from the inside out, with a trusted ally and guide. To change your life. To reach your personal best. 

Getting coached well is how many people get prepared well for what's ahead. It helps them see through their blind spots and release the limiting beliefs, stories, habits and other patterns standing between them and their goals.

It can also boost self-control. According to mental health therapist Bonnie Badenoch, PhD, co-regulation may actually foster inner balance more than self-regulation does. Because our brain and nervous system don't come pre-wired with regulatory circuitry: "It has to be co-built with another person."

And co-built not just through infancy but in adulthood, too. Research on the social regulation of risk and effort suggests that our very neurobiology expects supportive relationships as we move through life. That means enrolling the good support of others who have a shared commitment to your own growth, such as a skilled and caring coach.

As surgeon Atul Gawande wrote in his 2011 New Yorker essay, “Coaching done well may be the most effective intervention designed for human performance” (according to him, that includes surgery, too).

... And that other edgy ad? It’s for CBS' upcoming TV series The Good Fight  and it ends this way: 

   “Eventually everyone REVEALS himself.”

In 2017...

     What are you waking up for?

     What boundaries are you pushing?

     What support are you gathering?

     When you reveal yourself, who will you be?


    Get coached well.  Learn more.


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