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If you are one, who gets it?  If you lead them or team with them, how well do you get it?  Do you need to know more?  Understand better?

If any of these questions make you wonder, then that makes two of us. Especially if you want to make positive changes that will really matter, which involve Scientists, Technos, Engineers, Medics or Mathematicians.

I’m a developmental coach and facilitator who specializes in the growth and fulfillment of STEM professionals. Helping them get bigger breakthroughs and better results, and succeed as leaders, partners, creators and change agents. So I’ve long been concerned with their top challenges, as they ebb, flow, crystallize or morph. And lately I’ve gotten even more curious about what’s really most challenging to our STEMists today, and how best to empower them. (For relief and relaxation, try these Companion Tools.)

To collect some data on this, I recently opened a short survey. It’s a way not only to gain intel, but also to connect and collaborate with others around this shared purpose. The survey will stay open as long as needed to gather sufficient data. My premise is that those who self-select to complete it will be those who care most about the topic. So I invite your help with feedback and circulation:

SciEnspire! seeks anonymous input from scientists, engineers, technologists, medics and mathematicians, to better serve the needs of these individuals and groups. Any function, role or status (admin, operational, managerial, executive, instructional, clinical, creative, or sales — active, unemployed or retired).


The survey contains five (5) required multiple-choice questions and two (2) optional write-in questions. Both of those invite takers to candidly express what's on their mind regarding their top challenges and desired changes. Average estimated completion time for the whole survey is 5 - 7 minutes.

Please use and / or share the above survey link with any STEM professionals who might want to give their anonymous input. Doing so requires a password, which is provided on the survey page I just hyperlinked above. Takers and others may optionally sign up to get the output later (rest assured, no personally identifiable info is captured or linked inside the survey instrument itself, and device IP addresses are not tracked). After collecting enough responses, I will share out the aggregate results with all who signed up (and also announce availability of findings back here, in an upcoming issue of Re-Wire).

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Thanks for your interest and participation. I look forward to resuming this conversation soon, with some useful information for us all. (Explore support now, for individuals / teams / organizations / enterprise.)


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