Tools for Evolving

TILT  Tools  help  all  kinds  of     
people  build  their  character. 

To  become  better  leaders,   
partners, performers, creators  
and  change  agents. 

For happier,  healthier,  more  
innovative  teams. 

SciEnspire!  offers  Tilt's  scalable  21st-century  technology  
for evolving  people  and  culture,  365  days  a  year.  To build  effective  
teams  that succeed in  Volatile,  Uncertain,  Complex,  and  Ambiguous  
( VUCA ) conditions.  Featuring a quick comprehensive self–assessment  
( True  Tilt ) plus  a dynamic  360  feedback  instrument  ( Tilt 365 ) and   
group  profile  tool  ( Team Tilt ) — all based upon  character strengths.  
This  uncommon combination  makes a  potent platform  for  real–time  
awareness  and  inside–out  development.  Work  it,  and  get  agile!  

       validated by Science
                                  designed for Business
              personalized for YOU

          With  committed  application,  Tilt  is 
          a complete self-contained solution 
          for individuals and groups he
ld back 
          by  personality, politics,  or work-life 
          drama.  It  can  simplify
the  maze of 
          disconnected models, measures and 
          tools  for  human development  that 
          abound.  Tilt  exceeds  these  with 
          systems  approach   that  addresses 

          individuals,  teams,  enterprises  and 
          cultures — in one model, on a single 
          platform,  via  shared  experience. 

It's  a  single  soup-to-nuts  framework
  with  integrated  surveys,  
reports and  road maps  that are  highly visual,  dashboarded and user- 
driven. All founded upon a scientifically validated * multi-level model of  
whole-brain  intentional character development  that can be leveraged  
at the right 'altitude' for you and your people.  


  Watch a 2.5-minute video explainer about Tilt


In this holistic model, mindset more than personality predicts what we do.  
Tilt says that  personality is where we begin,  but it doesn't have to define  
who we become  — especially when we consciously work  to develop our  
character, along with our competencies. Tilt tools help you question your  
mindset and its 'fit' to the situation, then deliberately shift it.  That's how  
to change attitudes and behavior for the better.  And that's real  agility.  



True Tilt Profile spans the entire person, with this distinct advantage:  
it surfaces  an individual's  "shadow traits"  and  integrates them with  
their "better lit" traits that they're likely more aware of and that feel  
more comfortable to them.  Our comfortable behavior patterns are   
the ones we tend to overuse, especially when we're stressed.  

The TTP Self-Assessment  and  resulting individualized report  raise  
awareness about overusing your facile behaviors  while helping you  
connect  with  your  underused   shadow  traits  that  might  be  very  
beneficial,  if  you  embrace  and  engage  them  better.  

used by Red Hat, Facebook, Indiegogo

Your TTP Self-Assessment report also shows how to transcend any  
tried and true  patterns  that helped  you survive  in youth,  but that  
may no longer  serve you  as well  in  your adult relationships.  With  
conversational language  and 
vivid,  easy-to-read graphics,  it maps  
a specific pathway of  whole-person development  to take you from  
where you are now,  to where you'll exhibit  more and more  agility  
over time.  


The Tilt 365 Positive Influence Predictor  is a powerful, robust web  
app that offers every team member the ability to collect continuous  
feedback and manage their own evolution all in one place, 365 days  
a year.  It allows you to track how you change and grow in real time,  
and  shape  your  own  behavior  in  ways  that  better  reflect  your  
true intention.  


So  why  settle  for  being  stuck  as  a  personality  type,  
when you (and your team) could optimally tilt  into
circumstances — including  your  own  dreams  and  aspirations.  

For more info about  Tilt tools,  or about customized development  
for  Science, Tech, Engineering, and Medical 
please contact me.  



          SciEnspire!  values impartiality, to design
tailored approaches which serve
          the  best  interest  of  each  client.  For this reason,  neither  
Laura J. Nigro
          nor SciEnspire! engages as a 3rd-party affiliate or joint venture partner with
          any tools or companies, including Tilt, Inc. and its offerings. Neither Laura
nor  SciEnspire!  receives any  commission, residual,  royalty, kickback, or 
          fee when clients purchase recommended 3rd-party products / services.


Scientific Basis and Validation

"Psychometric validation consisted of a multi-stage process utilizing factor analysis and other analytic tools. Iterative refinement of the Tilt instrument has yielded multiple generations of increasingly precise instrumentation. This process has consistently yielded 12 scales that demonstrate internal consistency reliability (that is, the items of those scales group together in terms of their underlying content) as demonstrated both through factor analysis and through a Cronbach's Coefficient Alpha value exceeding the recommended threshold (all values > .80). Earlier instantiations of the instrument were also shown to demonstrate predictive validity with regard to hypothesized pattern-based relationships. Specifically, a relationship was demonstrated between a pattern of scores on the instrument and team-level climate for creativity and innovation as measured by the Situational Outlook Questionnaire, a validated nine dimensional assessment. Studies are underway to test  these and other relationships using the most current instrumentation." 
— Statement on Psychometric Testing by former Tilt, Inc. Chief Science Officer Dr. Steven Toaddy

In 2016, the True Tilt Profile and the Tilt365 Positive Influence Predictor were both re-validated by researchers at NC State University (learn more at

Tilt's foundational science is based in part on the work of neurobiologist, psychiatrist and geneticist C. Robert Cloninger, whose model layered malleable character over natural personality patterns. See more about Tilt science.

All images of Tilt products, models and logos courtesy of Tilt365, Inc.




"Tilt 365 will put you in charge

of your own life and work out-

comes by giving you the tools

for understanding human pat-

terns that either shrink or ex-

pand your positive influence

with others." – Pam Boney, Author


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